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Professional Electronics Design Services

  From concept to production, Microlynx is your choice for electronics design services. Our mission is to help our clients develop novel and innovative electronic systems that meet their functional and quality requirements. Since 1984 Microlynx has helped hundreds of clients do just that.

Microlynx offers a highly skilled and capable design team that can be called upon on an as-needed basis, saving you the need for having to ramp-up and downsize as projects come and go. By contracting us for your project, you
gain instant access to our design experience and capabilities:
  Product specification
  RF design, analog design, and digital design
  Schematic capture and PCB layout
  FPGA development, VHDL coding and simulation
  Firmware and embedded system development
  PCB assembly and prototype testing
  Test jigs and test fixtures development

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We have a broad range of
experience in many industries:
  Oil and Gas
  Telecommunications and Wireless
  Industrial Control and Automation

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Call us now at +1 403-275-7346 or toll free at +1 866-835-idea (4332) to discuss your project!
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Professional Electronics Design
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