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Electronics Design Services

Microlynx provides a full suite of electronics design services, allowing us to be your one-stop-shop for your next project. Whether you need an entire product developed or just a specific component, we have the capabilities and experience to help you.
We understand that outsourcing a project is a major step that requires a lot of trust. Here are some reasons why you should consider Microlynx for your next project:
* Experience: our team of engineers, technologists, and technicians have completed hundreds of projects.
* Time to market: we are ready to start on your project.
* Flexible: fixed price, time and materials, or royalty-based models
* Adaptable: able to integrate with your project management system
* Supply chain relationships: fast access to samples, inventory, design tools, and resources
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  Contact us to discuss how Microlynx can help make your project a success.  
  Our capabilities include:  
* System Architecture
* Simulation
* Hardware, Firmware, and Programmable Logic Design
* RF Design
* Software Design
* Technology Reviews
* Obsolescence Management
* Mechanical and Industrial Design
  System Architecture  
  Our extensive experience with complex electronic and software systems is key to choosing the best architecture to meet your requirements. Some of the things we consider include:  
* The benefits and risks of mature versus emerging technologies
* Capabities and limitations
* Cost versus performance
* Where to put the smarts
* Production requirements
  The system architecture forms the foundation for the entire project. Deliverables from this activity include technical specifications, acceptance test plans, interface control documents, and high-level flow diagrams.  
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  Modern computer-aided-design tools allow many possibilities to be explored before committing to a circuit design. We use a variety of analog, digital, and RF design, simulation, and optimization tools to make sure our designs will perform as intended.  
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  Hardware, Firmware, and Programmable Logic Design  
Microlynx has experience with a wide range of digital components. We design with processors that range from low-power, low-speed, 8-pin devices through to high end CISC, RISC, and DSP processors. Our engineers also have the tools and skills to write the firmware embedded in a processor, and the logic embedded in programmable logic and FPGA devices.
Add to that our knowledge of industry standard form factors, busses, interfaces, and communication protocols, and the result is solid, manufacturable designs.
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  RF Design  
  Microlynx has in-depth experience in RF and microwave system and circuit design. We have done work ranging from HF single-sideband radios to Ka-band digital microwave transceivers, in both licensed and unlicensed bands. Our test equipment handles RF circuitry up to 6 GHz.  
  Our strength in this field is in the integration of RF circuitry with digital control circuitry. This results in highly integrated transceiver designs that can either stand alone or become part of a larger system.  
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  Software Design  
  Our software development staff can rapidly develop DOS and Windows applications written in assembly, Pascal, or C++ languages. Some of the applications we've written include:
* client / server systems with basic database support
* mapping and positioning
* device interfacing and test jig support
* simulators and compilers
* device drivers and protocol implementations
Our development tools also include help compilers and installation package generators, allowing us to create complete software solutions.
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  Technology Reviews  
  We can review the intended use of technology in your product, or research and recommend technologies suitable for your product. Product cost targets, performance, and size are among the things we consider during our review.  
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  Obsolescence Management  
  The life span of components can vary dramatically. We can review the bill of materials for your product to identify those components which may be near end of life. Then we can research and recommend replacement components or purchasing strategies to extend the life of your product. Our services include:
* Conversion to RoHS
* Functional and mechanical verification of replacement parts
* Review life cycle stage for components
* Redesign to implement new components
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  Mechanical and Industrial Design  
  An integral part of product design is its enclosure. Factors such as looks, human interface needs, environmental, reliability, safety, electostatic and electromagnetic compatibility, and manufacturing requirements are all taken into consideration during enclosure design.  
  We are capable of undertaking simple industrial and mechanical design in addition to our electronics design capabilities. When the requirements of a project are beyond our capabilities, we bring in skilled industrial designers with proven design experience.  
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