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Microlynx specializes in creating communications and control solutions for demanding applications where performance and reliability are paramount.
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* Safety and Security
* Avionics
* Oil and Gas
* Other Industries
Safety and Security
Microlynx has been developing products the security industry for many years. Our experience with sensors, RFID, wireless and protocols has allowed us to design state of the art wireless alarm panels, concealed video transmitters, handheld high-performance biometrics devices, and automotive anti-theft systems, to name a few.
* Biometrics
* Alarm panels
* Hazardous gas detectors
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Avionics and Defense
If you've flown on a commercial aircraft lately, there is a good chance it was equipped with a Microlynx-designed AFIRS-220 (TM) Iridium Global Communications System by FLYHT Aerospace Solutions. The level of design, documentation and testing that goes into certifying such a product exemplifies the dedication our staff applies to all our clients' projects.

Microlynx can also help with defense-related projects, including obsolescense management, testing, and complete system redesign. Some defense projects may qualify for IRB offsets.
* Experience with DO-160
* Electronics assembly and rework
* Controlled Goods registered
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Flying fighter jet
Oil and Gas
Oil and gas projects typically demand high reliability and attention to safety. The operating environments often include temperature extremes, high shock and vibration, and the presence of explosive gasses. Many projects are battery operated and need long operating life. Our design team is up to the challenge.
* Design for Intrinsic Safety (North American "Division" and international "Zone")
* Pipeline inspection
* Down-hole telemetry
* Drill rig measurement and control
* Plants and infrastructure
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Oil and gas processing plant
Other Industries
Microlynx has expertise in many industries where a high level of performance and reliability is required. Some of our more recent projects include:
* Telecom
* Automotive and vehicle technology
* Medical
* Interactive displays
* High performance audio
* Complex processing and data analysis
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