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Prototype and Low-Volume Manufacturing Services

Microlynx offers electronics manufacturing and assembly services. Read about our services below or contact us us to discuss your needs.

Kitting Services

We can review your Bill of Materials for completeness and accuracy of part numbers and availability of parts. Leverage our supply chain relationships to gain access to hard to find parts.

Low Volume Hand Assembly

We have a manual stencil printer capable of handing boards up to 16cm x 22cm. Small ICs and discrete components are placed using our automated pick and place machine, while larger parts and connectors are hand-placed. The boards are then run through our reflow oven.

With this service you realize:
* Low Setup Costs: engineering changes are quite often required to prototype boards. Our low-volume assembly service saves you the setup charges required when using automatied assembly lines.
* Quick Turnaround: gets prototypes and production boards back into your hands on a timely basis.
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Final Assembly, Programming, and Test Services

In addition to board-level assembly, we also offer final assembly services where we can build a complete product or sub-assembly for you. We have the capability to program a wide range of microprocessor and FLASH parts. We can test completed assemblies according to test plans provided by you, or our engineers can design a test plan suitable for your product.

For more complex, consistent, and thorough testing, you should consider an in-circuit test fixture. Click here to find out more about our test fixture design services.

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