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   In-Circuit Electronic Test Fixtures

* Improve Quality
* Increase Productivity
* Reduce Warranty Costs
Improve the quality of your electronic products through In-circuit Electrical Testing (ICT). At even moderate production volumes, a Microlynx test jig will quickly pay for itself and start saving you money by reducing the test time and reducing waste and warranty costs.
Contact us to discuss how a test fixture can improve your production operations.
view of the front of a Microlynx test fixture
  Features and Benefits
High Quality Clam Shell Fixture: our test fixtures are made from premium materials, including heavy duty steel housing, machined mechanism parts, and thick, stable plates.
Positive Interlock: a dual interlock ensures the fixture is closed before the pins are engaged. The fixture cannot be accidentally opened while the pins are engaged.
Cam Mechanism Engages Test Pins Vertically: basic hinged fixtures generate uneven forces on the PCB under test when the fixture is opened and closed. The cam mechanism on our fixtures pushes the pins straight down, providing even pressure and reducing stress on the pins and the chance of damage to the PCB under test.
Top and Bottom Pin Plates Provide Maximum Test Flexibility: pins on the bottom are standard but some applications require pins on the top or even on both sides. We can accommodate virtually any test configuration, with tight alignment tolerances between the sides.
Modular Back Plane Provides Flexibility, Ease of Use, and Protection: our unique Modular Back Plane provides an easily accessible area for all interconnections between the test fixture and the rest of your test equipment. You do not need to access the inside of the fixture to change cables.

We offer a large variety of standard interfaces, including power, 68-pin National Instruments, 2x7 and 2x10 pin headers, USB, DB-9, and RF.
view of the back of a Microlynx test fixture
  What Can a Microlynx Fixture Do For You?
* Basic to 100% coverage of all operating parameters
* Program logic devices, processors, and non volatile memory, and assign serial numbers
* Measure voltages and currents and calibrate variable parameters
* And more!
  Get Your Test Fixture Now
  Download our Test Fixture Brochure or contact us for more information.
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